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          If you have a chance, I hope to perform the film related to mountain again.

          Of course, even if such protection, from the performance of the afternoon, the market situation is also struggling, the afternoon or a substantial retreat. Steel, nonferrous metals, coal and other large cycle plate index closed the big Yin line, real estate plate also appeared a relatively large decline.



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          There is no doubt that city did do a lot of work on Messi, and now Messi's choice to stay in the team is also a relief for the blue moon. With only one year left on his contract with the team, guara can think about their next stop with Lionel Messi at the end of the season, or he may join hands with Manchester City to open up a new era, or join the same suitable team. The latter idea is not easy, after all, the current football team strength and city are not much, Gua Shuai to the new team also need to run in, so the possibility of the two men again in Manchester City is still the biggest.

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