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          Please note that, first of all, the levels of high points and low points are different. The high points are of small cycles, and there are no low points. If they are formed, they are daily lines of large cycles, which are different levels. However, the judgment of these two points is conditional. One is to fall to today's closing price, and the closing price is lower than 12862 points. As the conditions of today are not completed, it is impossible to judge the low of tomorrow. The other is that it needs to rise tomorrow to two o'clock in the afternoon, and then a short-term high can be determined at about two o'clock.

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          Of course, even if such protection, from the performance of the afternoon, the market situation is also struggling, the afternoon or a substantial retreat. Steel, nonferrous metals, coal and other large cycle plate index closed the big Yin line, real estate plate also appeared a relatively large decline.

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