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          I think the main answer to that sentence is "the best defense is to attack". If you don't protect the disk or don't take the initiative to protect the disk in this position, the index may drop a thousand li and fall below some important key positions.



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          The Premier League will start on August 12, and the recent introduction of big teams is a hot spot. Old Liverpool general colimore said that Manchester City's lineup is the best in European football, but Guardiola is still actively included in the strong aid, so he thinks that Liverpool should be included as soon as possible, because the Red Army has not yet made a heavy introduction this summer, so fans will be very worried. In fact, city's action this summer is not big, there are several target candidates are not in place, Messi has become a dream, and Chelsea are a number of strong players to cast, it is really not to underestimate.

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          Because it is the Premier League first show, so his performance is also the focus, but unfortunately his first show is not satisfactory, because after he got the ball, there was a super ridiculous pass, which made people laugh. However, some people think that this is pure by the infection of teammates, the moment of passing the ball even hafts himself feel very baffled, perhaps this pass is also his career has not been.


          As far as the Shanghai stock market is concerned, the K-line portfolio of the Shanghai composite index is more and more like March and April, but now many people feel that the index should not fall sharply after an important political meeting. In this way, we can't say that there is no reason to say that, since this year, some super institutions have been protecting the disk at key points in the plate. But how can such an impasse be broken?



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