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          During the concussion period, due to the nature of the trend, it is inevitable to be beaten from left to right. I describe this process as "paying insurance premium". Only by respecting the trend, accepting the bad trend and recognizing the fight, can you have the good trend and avoid making mistakes in principle.


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          Although it is normal for the players to come and go, it's a pity that Lukaku and bashuyai can't play at Chelsea. In fact, both of them can be made, but they can't get along well with the blues. The new season for all teams is a lot of difficulties, because the five major leagues only end in advance, the four major league Bundesliga restart and end the earliest, also have more time to prepare for the new season. The rest of the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga will be affected by the overall fatigue and injury of the team, so the difficulty is to be more, and the probability of cold weather at the beginning of the season will also increase.


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