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          However, we know that no one knows whether it is a human being or a ghost, and where it is. In the final analysis, bitcoin is just an application of blockchain technology, but it becomes a phenomenal product. It is a kind of game code. Of course, it can be traded. If there is a trade, there will be a price, and if there is a price, someone will speculate. This is no different from philatelic coin collecting, but that's all.



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          Today, the stock indexes of the two cities opened on a regular basis. After a slight dip, a wave of recovery appeared. At 10:30, it saw the full day's high, and then slowly fell back to the noon closing. In the afternoon, the stock index dropped in inertia and recovered after 14:14. The hot spots on the market: chips, fuel cells, new energy vehicles, satellite navigation, OLED concept, graphene, sapphire, green lighting, semiconductors, wine making, securities companies and other sectors performed better Overall: the market today presents a narrow range of finishing market.

          At present, the biggest difficulty in this deal is that Barcelona may not allow Messi to leave the team freely, so city still needs to have more discussions with Barcelona. If Messi can solve this difficulty, blue moon will only be able to deal with the salary management easier. Recently, it is said that Manchester City are willing to buy Messi with a transfer fee of 100 million euro plus Bernardo, gersus and Garcia in exchange for Messi. Such a large investment is indeed eye-catching. Maybe the onlookers can not understand the city's desire for the king of the ball, so they can't understand such divine operation.


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