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          Sequence is not a rule. The advantage of sequence is magic. Perfect trading often occurs, that is, selling at the highest point and buying at the lowest point. In fact, there is a misunderstanding that perfect trading is easy to remember. People always remember the perfect things and ignore or selectively ignore the imperfect things.


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          Recently, there are a lot of news about Messi's departure from the team, among which it is reported that the Meiqiu king once called Guardiola to ask if city have the ability to sign him. If the news is true, it may become a fact that guara and Lionel Messi join hands again, after all, there are not many clubs that can sign Messi. Among them, Manchester City and Paris are the most financial, as for inter just said, even if Serie A giants intend, Messi may not agree. If Messi wants to leave, he will definitely choose the team's financial resources, lineup and manager in place. The Paris manager is obviously inferior to guara, so the first choice for Messi should be Manchester City.

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