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            女手次公开露面 女明星媚自拍滩比基尼风情万种美到流

          At the same time, the data from the central bank shows that the number of long-term loans of residents has declined dramatically. In August 2016, the new number was 528.6 billion, but in the same period of 2017, the number changed to 447 billion, that is to say, the increase was more than 80 billion. While the short-term loans in August 2016 were 146.9 billion, and in the same period in 2017, it became 216.5 billion, with an increase of nearly 70 billion. Generally speaking, long-term loans It can be understood as residential mortgage loans, while short-term loans can be understood as consumer loans. Similarly, the data from the National Bureau of statistics tell us that the domestic retail sales growth is only about 10%. In fact, consumer loans increased by 1.06 trillion yuan from January to July this year, an increase of about 770 billion yuan year-on-year, and an increase of more than 800 billion yuan in the whole year last year.


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          The craziness of the market is often accompanied by danger, which does not come from the rectification of the management. In fact, the sensitivity of the CBRC to this is earlier than that of our market observers. However, there is still a risk of out of control in cash lending, and more and more people are involved in this risk, and the amount of money is getting bigger and bigger. To be exact, the water surface is particularly worried, and so is the cash loan If it continues to develop, it may evolve into a Chinese style subprime mortgage sooner or later.



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