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          Therefore, I say that Monday afternoon is a low point, but it does not mean that this low point is operable. First of all, because the low level is a little low, each large time-sharing cycle does not have a bottom structure, and has just experienced a rapid decline; secondly, from the perspective of fluctuation rhythm, the market will jump out of this rhythm, although we can continue this rhythm before jumping out, but I judge The probability rate will end in this rebound cycle; the third, the thunder of capital allocation explosion has not been eliminated. Although the last trading day before the festival was up, the number of rising companies was far greater than the number of falling companies (2706 to 787), but the number of limit makers was greater than the number of limit makers, and the thunder of individual stocks even ignored the strength of the market.


          At present, the Chelsea lineup has been basically in place, the only thing that needs to be adjusted is the back line. In addition, there are still some doubts about the position of goalkeeper. I think that Kepa does not need to be replaced. Cech has also supported the number one goalkeeper of the blue army, and thinks that he can give some time and Kepa has a future in Chelsea. However, the recent rumors still have the news of the introduction of a new goalkeeper, but this may be the meaning of the manager, and then how to make a final conclusion still needs Lampard's decision.



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