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          The fact is which Messi's physical condition and injuries in recent years are not suitable for the fast pace of the Premier League, nor is it suitable for the high position in the front court. City's tactics still need to be changed because of his arrival. The devilish schedule of the Premier League has always been regarded as a fatal point that imprisons the team's performance in foreign games. In addition, the poor performance of England at the national team level is also considered to be one of the reasons for the fatigue and frequent injuries of players caused by intensive schedule in the Premier League. Then, these problems will exist after Messi's arrival. In this way, the performance of Manchester City in the new season will also be a question mark.

          Before, some large institutions tried to leverage the market with real estate as a breakthrough, but the effect was not obvious; in today's session, the concept of mixed reform represented by Unicom also changed, but there was not much following the trend.

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